The Wethersfield Village Improvement Association was founded in 1883 by civic minded Wethersfield residents.

The founders’ goal was the installation of the sidewalks and street lamps in the older section of town. Over the generations, the association has brought numerous and varied improvements to Wethersfield public lands, school grounds, and town buildings.

Today, the old “village” is no longer the exclusive focus of the association.

The Wethersfield Village Improvement Association is now dedicated to improvement throughout Wethersfield, from border to border.

The WVIA always plants a tree in town on Arbor Day. Below is a photo of the blue spruce tree planted at the Solomon Welles House on Arbor Day, 2000. It is the hope of the WVIA that, with the maturity of this tree, it may become the town’s Christmas tree.

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Wethersfield Village Improvement Association